RightOn is built on a simple four step process for MRP Controllers to run on a weekly basis and update their MRP settings with simplicity and clarity

the only solution on the market to predict the optimum MRP settings in SAP for MRP Controllers

The role for Material Resource Planner (MRP) has become more difficult because customers increasingly expect their suppliers to provide the right amount of product at the right time

MRP in SAP is not simple, it consists of four screens, roughly 80 fields, and an incomprehensible number of combinations. It is no wonder there are so many books on the subject and even “simple” instructions are 100’s of pages long

This is why we developed and patented RightOn MRP Optimization. RightOn predicts the combination of MRP settings that will optimize Economic Profit (also known as Economic Value Added)

RightON MRP Optimization

Purchase:  $478 per user per year

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