Artificial Intelligence for Inventory Optimization

John Krech, Founder

John Krech is the founder of ePhiphony Incorporated and the inventor of RightOn. 

John received his master of business administration from the University of St. Thomas and his double major bachelors in chemical engineering and material science engineering from the University of Minnesota.  He has an entrepreneurial mind and is always looking for ways to improve a process/product.

John has extensive experience with Supply Chain and Manufacturing at 3M and Deluxe Corporation where he worked with factories and suppliers all over the world on many different systems. He also has Six Sigma Consulting experience with 3M and United Health Group Optum Operations.

Throughout his career, John has been an innovative visionary when it comes to applying data science to the most complex problems from Supply Chains, Manufacturing, and Customer Service including predicting manufacturing scale up and capacity, supply chain service levels and costs, preventing warehouse fires, real estate prices, and net promoter scores. 

RightOn Enhances SAP Integrated Business Planning